"...and the handsome, comedic, Michael Mahany as Aaron were perfectly cast as the mismatched couple. Both were honest in their character portrayals; as well as having good, strong, singing voices. This was a showcase for Mr. Mahany's exceptional comedic talents."

"[In First Date] the acting is first-rate. Michael Mahany is Aaron, and he's the epitome of awkward, needy insecurity. But he's not locked into this attitude: with Casey's help (and a technique right out of Gestalt therapy) he eventually finds his inner Rhett Butler and confronts the reality of his too-often-fantasized ex"

-Tampa's Creative Loafing

Michael Mahany as Jack Scott

[Pictured] "Michael Mahany, playing Jack Scott, the high school newscaster, shows he can do more than talk."

-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"...and my favorite character is Michael Mahany's Jack Scott, the school announcer."

-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"As Jack Scott, school announcer (a character not in the film, and the one neat stagy thing about the show) Michael Mahany is creatively funny; one imagines he and his character could have quite a voiceover career."

"As 'the voice of East High School' (Michael Mahany in Ira Glass mode) sends out official announcements, and real communication is made via ever-present cell phones, the student body observes the unusual shifts in loyalties."

-Chicago Sun-Times

"While the stars are fine, [the] secondary characters (Olivia Oguma as student composer Kelsi Neilson and Michael Mahany as Jack Scott, "the voice of East High School") really add the glue that holds the show together with style."

-Cape Cod Times

"Michael Mahany goes fully maniacal in a role created for the stage show!"

- Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Olivia Oguma as Kelsi and Michael Mahany as Jack Scott were especially enjoyable."

-Deseret News

"While devotees of "High School Musical" may be wary of a new character, Mahany's engaging radio voice, his long, drawn-out announcements and his quick side notes on his latest crush add to the upbeat tone of East High."

- Hippodrome Foundation

"Michael Mahany sparks scenes as the Gary Owens-style radio-voiced announcer who works the school's public address system"

-Potomic Stages

"Michael Mahany as Jack Scott, the narrator, who makes what could be an easily forgotten character have some excellent moments"

-TheEDGE San Francisco

"Michael Mahany is cute as school P.A. announcer Jack Scott"

-Classical Voices North Carolina